our roots

Patch has been making traditional slab fudge since he was just 16 years old. During this time he studied under the greats, namely Fudge Kitchen. Those titans of proper fudge taught him about the importance of doing things properly. Hand working the fudge on thick marble tables, using only the best ingredients and above all not taking it all too seriously. With these lessons firmly in mind Patch set out to bring good fudge back to London.

With the help of his friend and fellow Fudge Kitchen progeny, Jean-Luc, he set up shop in Greenwich in July 2018. Since then life has been grand. He has learnt many things; good shelving is important, wooden pallets are hard to get rid of, spreadsheets aren’t very fun. Most importantly he has learnt that having a patient partner and wise mum are vital for keeping you sane. So if you like his fudge and think his shop is nice please say a quiet thank to Deirdre Hyde (mum) and Kim “Jimmy” Lidstone (muse). Oh and Jean'-Luc (mate) is pretty nice as well..