How long will my fudge last and how should i store it?

Fudge is best stored at ambient room temperature. So not in your fridge. It is best stored in a non-airtight container (just keep it in the bag or box you received it in). Kept like that your fudge will be fine for about 2 - 3 weeks. After that it will dry out, it won’t have spoiled, so don’t throw it away. If your fudge dries out just melt it down and you will have delicious sauce for ice cream.

vegan fudge? what do you use instead?

All our fudge is vegan. We don’t use any dairy or any animal products. Traditional slab fudge is normally made with whipping cream. Instead of using cream we use oat milk, rice milk, hemp milk or coconut milk. We choose the different plant milks based on which one tastes best with each flavour. It’s all a choice to make our fudge the best tasting fudge in the world

can you freeze fudge?

Yes you can! All our fudge can be frozen and some flavours actually taste better ice cold straight from the freezer. Freezing fudge helps it to hold onto moisture and increases it’s shelf life. If you want to freeze fudge we suggest taking it out of the grease-proof paper it comes wrapped in and instead wrap it in foil. You can defrost the fudge by leaving it unwrapped at room temperature for a few hours, but you can also eat our fudge frozen. In the freezer we believe our fudge will last for over a year.

HOw much is postage to have fudge delivered?

We charge £4.50 postage and packing for both our boxes. .

Do you deliver fudge internationally?

Sadly not. Well not officially. It costs loads to post fudge outside the UK. If you are desperate for fudge and live outside the UK then please drop us an email and we will see if we can sort something out. No promises but who knows. 

can i buy just one slice?

We only ship boxes of 3 and 5 slices. But if you fancy a single slice you can buy one slice in our shop. And if you visit our shop you can sample every flavour for free so you can make doubly sure that the slice you buy is definitely your favourite. Our shop is in Greenwich Market in London. The closet public transport link is Cutty Sark DLR.

why is there no delivery discount on multiple boxes?

If we are sending your boxes to separate addresses i’m afraid this can’t be helped. Postage is expensive for fudge, it bulky and heavy and needs to be tracked. If you want to buy multiple boxes to be delivered to the same address then use our multi box deals in the ‘BUY FUDGE’ page. This way you can have two boxes delivered, save some money as these come with a discount AND only pay a single delivery charge. If you want more fudge than that, get in touch with Patch on the contact form and he’ll work something out.


do you do wedding favours?

Yes we do. If you are interested please drop us an email and we will get back to you with prices and ideas. 

How big our your slices?

Big. We believe in excess. Our slices are hand cut and their size will depend on the mood of the fudge maker that day. Normally they are between 160-180g. So about 6 ounces for those that like it imperial.