WHy Vegan Fudge?

It tastes SOOOO much better!! Before anything else this was a flavour choice. Dairy fat is greasy and heavy and as any barista will tell you if you heat milk too high you corrupt the flavour, burn the milk and then everything tastes of cooked milk. We want the flavours in our fudge to stand out. We want our chocolate fudge to taste rich and heavy like a good chocolate brownie, but we want our lemon sherbet fudge to be light and sharp like a sorbet.

The best way to showcase these flavours is to limit the other flavours conflicting with them. After much fiddling, boiling and burning we concluded that making fudge with plant milks was the answer. So after a lot of boiling and experimenting we loads of tasting we decided that hemp milk was the best fat to use in our fudge. In the past we have used oat milk and rice milk but the hemp milk is the winner for us.

Don’t believe it tastes not only great but better? Well come into our shop in Greenwich and we’ll let you try every flavour free of charge. We’ll put our fudge where your mouth is.